BIG rezoning changes in northern Liberty Township have been approved by the Liberty Township Trustees.

The Liberty Residents For Responsible Growth PAC, a Registered Ballot Issue Committee, is conducting a petition signature drive on Saturday, April 10 from 9 to 6 at Liberty Park.  Look for us in the parking lot on the left side as you enter the park.  We will have a red balloon on our vehicle so you can find us.  You must be a registered voter in Delaware County and you must live in the unincorporated area of Liberty Township  to sign the petition.  This petition will allow POD 18D to be put on the November ballot. 

More petition drives will occur soon--look here for updates!

This webpage is here to provide information about the recently approved Planned Overlay District (POD) 18D in Liberty Township, Delaware County, Ohio.   This webpage will also help you understand why a group of residents is opposed to POD 18D. 


Residents have formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) called “Liberty Residents for Responsible Growth”. 


Our goal is to get POD 18D on the November ballot to let the voters decide if they want POD 18D to be a new zoning district for 190 acres between Hyatts Road and Clark-Shaw Road along Sawmill Parkway. In order to get it on the ballot, we need to collect a lot of signatures from registered voters from the unincorporated areas of Liberty Township.  We only have 30 days from the day the Trustees approved POD 18D.

If you would like to sign the petition placing POD 18D on the November ballot, please email us at

Since the residents of Liberty Township were made aware of the proposed POD 18D in fall 2020, the resident group “Liberty Residents for Responsible Growth” has consistently advocated for Liberty Township to follow the Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan, after many hours of planning and public meetings, was approved by our Zoning Commission and then our Trustees on February 5, 2018.



Some changes were made at the Trustee meeting on March 15, 2021--these changes are not on this website. When these changes are available, they will be posted on this website.

Liberty Residents for Responsible Growth advocates for Liberty Township to go through the process of amending the Comprehensive Plan prior to rezoning land that is not consistent with our recently approved Comprehensive Plan.  By implementing the procedure to amend our comprehensive plan, residents, land owners, business owners, staff, and township officials will be able to provide input and vision to how Liberty Township is to be developed.  This process could include a review of the impact to and possible solutions for our roads, other infrastructure, our township, and our schools.  Without using the Comprehensive Plan to provide our zoning commission, our trustees, our residents, our landowners, and developers a vision and guidance for future development, then what will we, as a township, rely upon as farmland is sold for development? We understand that development is going to happen, and we are not against development.  But we want development to rely upon the vision and guidance that a comprehensive plan is to provide.  Furthermore, our residents, landowners, and developers should know that there is a Comprehensive Plan that will be used to make land development decisions.

When comparing POD 18D to the vision of our Comprehensive Plan, POD 18D permits density and uses that were never contemplated by the Comprehensive Plan.  Densities that are allowed in POD 18D far exceed the densities that are allowed in Liberty Township’s planned residence district and planned multi-family residence district.

Liberty Residents for Responsible Development is a group of residents that is concerned with how much POD 18D deviates from our Comprehensive Plan.  We are asking the public to review Liberty Township’s Comprehensive Plan and the POD 18D and its densities and uses, and make a truly informed decision on this matter.

The rezoned area consists of various areas along both sides of Sawmill Parkway north of Hyatts Road and south of Clark-Shaw Road.  Subarea A is on the west side of Sawmill Parkway.  Subareas B, C, D, and E are on the east side of Sawmill Parkway.

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This Planned Overlay District was first considered by Liberty Township’s Zoning Commission.  After 2 meetings with public comments, the Zoning Commission at its third meeting did not recommend the rezoning in POD 18D to the Township Trustees with a 4 to 1 vote.  Liberty Township Trustees had a public meeting on February 16th. The meeting was continued to March 15th when the Planned Overlay District was approved by a 2 to 1 vote.  Trustees Eichhorn and Newell voted for the rezoning and Trustee Gemperline voted against it.  

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The Planned Overlay District 18D is approved by the Township Trustees.  The developer will not need to pursue any further amendments to the Township’s Zoning Resolution for the development of the District’s Subareas, but will be able to proceed to the Township for approval of the final development plan, provided that such final plan is within the parameters of the Planned Overlay District.  The review of the final development plan will then be a ministerial act and may not be appealed pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 2506.

Below is the Vision Statement from page 66 of the Comprehensive Plan from February 5, 2018. This is currently what so many residents relied upon for making decisions about real property in northern Liberty Township.  POD 18D does not follow the 2018 Comprehensive Plan.  Liberty Residents for Responsible Growth feel that the current Comprehensive Plan should be followed until it is amended.

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