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The following is a letter that you can use to send to our Trustees.   Feel free to use this letter or modify it.


It is most important to express your concerns about the proposed rezoning and to urge our officials to vote against this rezoning change, whether it is by letter, or by speaking at the public hearings, or both.  If you send a letter, make sure your letter is received prior to the February 16th, 2021 meeting.


Here is where to send your letter:


Mailing Address:

Liberty Township Administration Office
10104 Brewster Lane, Suite 125
Powell, OH 43065

Email Addresses: – Shyra Eichhorn - Liberty Township Trustee – Michael Gemperline - Liberty Township Trustee – Bryan Newell - Liberty Township Trustee - Tracey Mullenhour, Liberty Township Zoning Inspector

Date:  ________________


From:  Insert your name and address


To:  Liberty Township Trustees

Re:  Proposed Zoning Change/18D-Planned Overlay District

It has recently come to my attention that on February 16th there will be a Trustee meeting and a request has been made for Liberty Township to amend its current zoning resolution and map by re-zoning over 190 acres to allow for the development of commercial property, multi-family dwellings, and high density housing. 

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the proposed rezoning as set forth in Article 18D—Planned Overlay District on Hyatts Road, Sawmill Parkway, and Clark-Shaw Road, which would allow commercial , multi-family housing, and high density development in an area that is currently not zoned for those specific uses.  As a Liberty Township resident, I understand that development will occur.  However, I feel that this new rezoning would be detrimental to northern Liberty Township.  This proposed development of commercial, multi-family and high density housing will cause substantial traffic and safety problems, excessive light and noise pollution, and lots of asphalt and concrete.

Currently, there is a Comprehensive Plan in effect which was adopted unanimously by our Trustees in February 2018.  Our Comprehensive Plan does not allow for multi-family housing, commercial, and high density development north of Hyatts Road. The Vision Statement in Liberty Township’s Comprehensive Plan (page 66) is as true today as it was in 2018.  This is why many of us have made the choice to live in this part of the Township and is one of the reasons I oppose the proposed Planned Overlay District.  As a resident of Liberty Township, I should be able to rely on my Township’s recently approved Comprehensive Plan.

On November 16th the Orange Township Trustees voted unanimously to deny a rezoning application for multi-family housing on North and Shanahan Road because it did not fit within the realm of their Comprehensive Plan.  I ask the Liberty Township Trustees and our Zoning Commission Members to do the same.

Just as our neighboring Trustees did, I urge our Trustees and Zoning Commission Members to vote against this rezoning request and the proposed Planned Overlay District – this plan is not consistent in any way with our current Comprehensive Plan.  

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ______

Thank you for your time.



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We understand that development will take place in Liberty Township; however, the development should be done responsibly.